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Dormitory Ton Duc Thang University

Introduction to Ton Duc Thang University dormitory

Dormitory at Ton Duc Thang University (Tan Phong campus) is located in Ton Duc Thang University campus, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh city. It was an investment made with the capital from Government bonds.

Operational mechanism : Financial autonomy, income covers expenses

Motto : Discipline, civilization, effectiveness, safety, sustainability;

Criteria : To serve the learners, to create the best conditions in accommodation, activities and study for boarding students; to supplement to the University’s main activities and contribute to the good implementation of the University’s objectives and tasks.

Ton Duc Thang University Dormitory includes two blocks with a total floor area of ​​15,994 m2, serving for accommodations for 2169 students. The two blocks are built with beautiful architectural design, are modern and harmonious in accordance with the overall architecture of Ton Duc Thang University. For the purpose of offering students the best condition, inside the dormitory, there are many utility items such as mini supermarket, laundry room and canteen.

Around the Dormitory campus, there is a complex of Sporting event hall, stadium, volleyball court, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court and outdoor practice areas.

Some pictures of the dormitory:

2 tòa nhà Ký túc xá Đại học Tôn Đức Thắng
Overview of the 2 blocks


Phòng ở sinh viên nội trú
Each room is equipped with 8 separate beds


Phòng ở sinh viên nội trú
A corner of the boarding room


Phòng ở sinh viên nội trú
Each student has a bookshelf, a set of tables and chairs, a wardrobe. They must arrange their study corner neatly


Phòng ở sinh viên nội trú
Each room has a closed toilet which is designed to use 3 different functions at the same time


Phòng ở sinh viên nội trú
The corridor is clean and airy


shop thời trang
The fashion shop is at the ground floor of the dormitory


shop thời trang
A corner of fashion shop at Dormitory


siêu thị mini
Mini supermarket in the dormitory serves students sufficient necessities


siêu thị mini
It also provides students with a full range of daily necessities


siêu thị mini
A corner of mini supermarket of dorm at night


khu vực tập luyện thể thao
The outdoor sports area, a place for students to practice after stressful school hours


Hồ bơi Ký túc xá
Swimming pool, tennis court, volleyball court next to the dorm


sân vận động
Stadium and the sporting hall next to the dorm at night


đường nội bộ Ký túc xá
A corner of the internal road leading to the dormitory

At present, TDTU is building 2 new dorm buildings at Tan Phong campus with the capital from the university. These 2 buildings are expected to be completed and put into operation in June 2019. Each building has 20 floors with a total floor area of 26,420 m2, serving for 2,576 accommodations, of which 560 are for international students. The accommodations for international students meet the standards of comfort and quality of service. There are 112 four-bed rooms and 56 two-bed rooms.

new building
2 new dorm buildings at Tan Phong campus
room 6 bed
Six-bed rooms for Vietnamese students
room 4 bed
Four-bed rooms for international students
room 2 bed
Two-bed rooms for international students

Other campuses of TDTU also have new and modern dormitory system. At Bao Loc campus, there are 2 dorm buildings completed and put into use during academic year 2017-2018, serving for accommodations for 430 students. Students stay in spacious, clean, airy and comfortable environment with closed services such as canteen, grocery, community area, TDTU gymnasium.

Tòa nhà KTX CS Bảo Lộc
Overview of the 2 blocks in Bao Loc campus


Sân tập TDTT


Sân tập TDTT
The outdoor sports area


Canteen Ký túc xá


Tòa nhà KTX CS Bảo Lộc


Tòa nhà KTX CS Bảo Lộc


Phòng ở sinh viên nội trú


Phòng ở sinh viên nội trú


Tòa nhà KTX CS Bảo Lộc